Kanban Project Management


What is Kanban project management? This article will explain what Kanban method in project management. Table of contents: Just-in-time and Kanban system, the basis of Toyota production system Kanban method of project management Incorporating Just-in-time into the Kanban method Project management tools for realizing the Kanban method Summary Just-in-time and the Kanban system, the basis … Read more

Project Risk Management

What is project risk management? There are many risks associated with projects. It is impossible to foresee and handle all risks, and it is also impossible to reduce all risks to zero.  However, if you proceed with the project without considering the risks, it may lead to business failure. How project managers envision and address … Read more

13 Project Management Techniques


13 Project Management Techniques Every Project Manager Needs to Know There are many different types of project management techniques. In this article, I will introduce 13 project management techniques that you should know. Let’s make good use of them for project management. Table of Contents: Project management techniques 13 project management techniques every project manager … Read more

Progress Management

What is progress management? Progress management is to identify the gap between the progress of work/tasks and the work plan of a case or project. Specifically, we hold a progress meeting to check the progress of team members’ tasks, and if there is a delay in the project, we will review the schedule and change … Read more

SaaS – Benefits of Implementing SaaS

What SaaS? SaaS makes it possible to operate a system at a lower cost than a traditional on-premise system. However, some people may not understand the points to keep in mind when implementing SaaS or how to operate the system after implementation. In this article, I will explain in detail the benefits and cautions of … Read more

Advantages of Cloud Services

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Services With the spread of cloud products such as SaaS, system development is becoming less difficult than before. In addition, the cloud dramatically increases the speed of system development, contributing to the growth of companies. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloud service in detail. … Read more

Benefits of Implementing ERP for the Retail Industry

The Benefits of Implementing ERP for the Retail Industry and the Points for Selecting a System In this article, I will explain the benefits and precautions of implementing ERP by retailers and the points of system selection. More and more companies are adopting IT tools to streamline their operations, and ERP is one of the … Read more

Benefits of Moving to Cloud ERP for SMEs

Benefits of Moving to Cloud ERP for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises This article introduces the benefits of moving to cloud ERP for small and medium-sized enterprises. What is the effect of moving away from the conventional analog environment and moving to a digitized system environment? If you’re a small business owner considering your intentions to … Read more