Why do We Need Project Management?

Objectives and key points for Successful project management Project management is essential to the success of a project. What is the purpose of project management? And even if the methods and fields of project management differ, there are common points for success. This article introduces the objectives of project management and the key points of … Read more

Gantt Chart Project Management

Advantages of Gantt chart in project management What are the benefits of using Gantt chart in project management? There is a term used in project management called a Gantt chart. Many of you may not have heard of it before. When you are at work, you may not know what to do if your boss … Read more

Items Required for Project Management

What are the essential items required for project management, and what are the key points for success? For a successful project, no matter how big or small, you need to manage the essential items of the project. If you proceed with the project management that captures these items, you can make your project successful efficiently. … Read more

Reasons for Failure in Implementing CRM Tools

What are the reasons for failure in implementing CRM tools? More and more companies are implementing customer relationship management tools to manage their customers. However, if you rush into implementing CRM without understanding its essence, you may not get the expected effect, and it may turn out to be just a loss of investment. It … Read more

Open Source CRM Software/Tools

How to choose an open-source CRM software/tool When implementing an open-source CRM software, it is necessary to ensure sufficient community and security. In general, open-source does not have support. However, there is a community of developers and users, and information on development and updates is often available. If there are many users and the community … Read more

Customer Relationship Management Tools / CRM Software

What is a customer relationship management tool? Since there are many different customer relationship management tools, it is difficult to compare and determine which tool is right for your company. Customer relationship management tools are getting a lot of attention in the marketing industry. These days, it is not always possible to sell a good … Read more

CRM System

CRM System

What is a Customer Relationship Management System? Are you considering implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system using IT or the cloud? Before selecting a product to implement, do you have a proper understanding of CRM and CRM systems? If you are thinking, CRM and a CRM system are the same things, If you think … Read more

Kanban Project Management


What is Kanban project management? This article will explain what Kanban method in project management. Table of contents: Just-in-time and Kanban system, the basis of Toyota production system Kanban method of project management Incorporating Just-in-time into the Kanban method Project management tools for realizing the Kanban method Summary Just-in-time and the Kanban system, the basis … Read more