Project Management

What is project management?

What does project management mean? Project management is managing the promotion of a project for the success of the project. In many cases, achieving QCD and profits is often the success of a project. The definition of project success is meeting the customer's requirements, keeping the project within budget, and meeting the deadline.

In system development, it is common to develop with many people when the project scale becomes bigger. We will work on the project by dividing the scope of work for each member, but if we do not manage the consolidation of functions and the progress of work, we will not be able to develop smoothly.

Project management techniques are used to ensure the smooth progress of the project and ensure the quality of each process. However, project managers are not the only ones who can make use of project management. Naturally, developers and other members of the team who are not project managers also need to know about project management so that they can work on projects more smoothly.

There are several typical approaches to project management, including CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management), Waterfall, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), PERT diagrams, and Gantt charts. These features allow you to share the progress status among the project executors. You will be able to prevent failures and delays caused by a lack of understanding of the situation.

When managing a project, it is necessary to identify issues and tasks, plan a schedule, optimize resources, use useful project management tools, communicate with members, and keep track of the project while it is in progress. To successfully manage a project, work on both gaining knowledge and experience.

To appropriately manage the best possible, it is better to implement a dedicated project management software. You may often be using general-purpose tools such as Excel. If it is a small project, it is possible to manage it with Excel. However, problems such as human error and lack of functions may occur.

Purpose of project management

The original purpose of project management is not understood is due to the term project management itself. Many people may think that the term management simply means adhering to a set budget and deadline and producing a system or product according to specifications.

Adhering to QCD, budget, delivery date, and specifications is a natural part of project management and is a most basic key. However, it is often understood as the purpose of project management.

What happens is that instead of exceeding the customer expectations, the system or product is presented as expected, and the project ends without knowing whether it was a success or a failure. This would result in a project that is not beneficial to either the company or the customer.

Instead of QCD as the primary objective, there should always be a business to be achieved by the project. You should be aware of the purpose of the project from a business perspective.