What is Business Card Management Software?

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An Introduction to Business Card Management Software

You can further improve your sales performance by using the business cards you receive from your clients and customers. However, some people may find it hard to manage the large number of business cards they receive. In such a case, using business card management software is convenient. This tool makes it easier to manage business cards that used to be time-consuming and labor-consuming. Dedicated business card management software is one of the items you should consider implementing to make your sales operations even more efficient.

This article introduces the features and functions of business card management software you need to know before implementing it.

Table of contents:

  • What exactly is business card management software?
  • Features of business card management software
  • Functions of Business Card Management Software
  • Points to consider when implementing business card management software
  • Items to check with business card management software
  • Summary

What exactly is business card management software?

What exactly is business card management software? The system is simple: it is a way to digitize the analog information called business cards, allowing you to manage your business cards more efficiently.

Until now, business card management has been done mostly by individuals. But that method has had the problem that it was difficult to utilize business card information.

However, by using business card management software, you can digitalize business cards collected at exhibitions and seminars, so anyone in the company can easily and quickly check the business card data.

By doing this, it is possible to carry out sales activities efficiently and increase sales productivity.

Features of business card management software

Now that you know the system overview, you should understand the features of dedicated software. If you use the software, you can convert analog information into data and also gain other benefits.

You will no longer have to worry about the space to store them, and you will be able to check them with your smartphone or other devices, making your work more efficient.

Possible to eliminate the hassle of business card management

One of the advantages of business card management is that it is easy to manage. In the past, business cards were managed mostly by individuals and often kept in a drawer. Not only that but in some cases, the individual was carrying the business cards with them at all times.

It will be difficult for someone in your company to find the business card they want right away when they want the information they need. Also, classification can be time-consuming and wasteful.

However, dedicated software makes it easier to manage and provides immediate access to the information you need.

The point where you don't have to worry about storage space

One of the most annoying things to manage is the space where you store your business cards. 

When it comes to managing your business cards in an analog way, you need to store them in a place that is easy to find.

So, you will need a finite amount of space for storing the business cards. However, if you use special software, you can convert all the analog information into digital form, so you don't have to worry about the storage space.

Isn't it a great benefit to be able to use the space where you used to store your business cards for other purposes?

You can check the information with smartphones

In addition to the installation type, there is another type of dedicated software called cloud type, which allows you to manage the necessary information on the Internet.

One of the advantages of cloud-based software is that it supports multiple devices. Multi-device compatible software allows you to access information not only on PCs but also on tablets or smartphones.

Since you can check the information with your smartphone, you can check not only within the company but also on the go. The software makes it easier and more efficient to check business card information.

Much easier to share information among employees

Even if you receive only one business card, you can scan and digitize it to share the information with all your employees, which is the strength of dedicated software and makes sales more efficient.

Even if someone in the company is not acquainted with a particular person, you can visualize a network of people as long as the other people in charge know each other, so it is much more useful. Another advantage is that you can share information, so makes it easier to take over when someone retires or transfers.

Functions of business card management software

In this section, I will explain the specific functions of management software. There are some minor differences between software, but there are four most basic functions available.

Special-purpose software includes convenient functions such as "name ordering" and "linkage with various systems" to streamline operations.

Importing business card information

The most standard feature of the dedicated software is the business card data import. You can import business card data that you have received into the software.

The importing method differs depending on the software, so it is necessary to check beforehand. Some allow you to input the data manually, while others can be easily captured simply by shooting with a smartphone. Also, the type that captures data with a dedicated scanner is the most often used, and it is possible to read data without hassle.

Shooting with a smartphone or scanning with a special scanner is much easier than inputting manually, but it also makes a price difference, so it is necessary to consider carefully.

Nome identification

A useful feature when managing data is name identification. It allows you to group people and companies from a large number of data based on information such as name, address, and phone number.

In analog business card management, it took a lot of time and effort to identify based on a lot of information. However, if you implement the software, you can easily and quickly identify the name. 

The software also allows you to configure depending on the situation, so it is getting easier to categorize and check details that used to take a long time.

Viewing information

The information viewing function is another standard feature. You can easily and quickly check the data you have imported.

You can check not only names but also company, phone number, and other details of the information you have imported. As mentioned earlier, with multi-device support, you can immediately check the data on your smartphone or other devices even when you are away from home.

Not only does it display a list, but it also has a search function, so you do not have to worry when you want to check customer information right away.

Linkage with various systems

A system that improves sales productivity is a tool called SFA. It is a system that manages information such as customers and deals and makes sales activities more efficient.

Some management software allows you to link with SFA

By linking with SFA, you can grasp the prospects of business partners. And you can also create a more detailed organizational chart based on the information you have captured.

Also, by linking the software, you can save the time and effort of entering customer information, which leads to the efficiency of sales activities. It is very convenient because it can be linked not only with SFA but also with other systems.

Points to consider when implementing business card management software

Next, let us check out the five points to consider when implementing a tool. There are many different types of business card management software out there, and the functions and prices vary depending on the software.

To utilize dedicated software, here are some items you need to check when implementing the software:

How much will it improve your business?

The first thing to check is how much the implementation of the system will improve your business.

Even if you implement the software with great functions, it is not meaningful if it does not improve your business. 

Also, some software will make your business much more efficient due to differences in functions, while others may not be so efficient.

Before implementing, think about the business issues and check whether you can use the tool to improve your business efficiency.

Whether or not you are interacting with a large number of people or companies

Business card management software is more effective only when it is difficult to manage business cards in an analog manner. Therefore, if you only have a small number of business cards, you may not expect a significant improvement in efficiency even if you implement the software. 

If you want to know how much time and effort you can save, "whether or not you are interacting with many people or companies" is a point that you need to consider when implementing the system.

If you manage your business cards in an analog way, but the number of transactions is small, and the number of business cards you have is not large, you may not need to implement the software.

Are you overwhelmed with files and space to store business cards?

As mentioned in the explanation of software features, the advantage of using software is that by digitizing business cards, you can free up the space that you used to use for storing business cards. 

Therefore, before implementing the software, make sure to check the file and space for storing your business cards.

If the business card files you are storing are occupying your space, you may need to install dedicated software.

By storing your business card data in the cloud, you can free up a finite amount of valuable space.

Can you use business card management software well?

Even if you have paid a lot of money to install business card management software, it will be a waste of money if you cannot use the tool. 

For this reason, it is a good idea to check if you can use the software beforehand.

Depending on the software, the importing method, operability, and level of support will vary. If the software has many functions, the detailed settings will increase, so you may not be able to use it well. Choosing the right tool is of utmost importance.

Opinions of other employees

Before finalizing the implementation, it is necessary to get the opinions of other employees. 

Even if you agree with the implementation, other employees may not have trouble managing it. On the other hand, even if you are not thinking about implementing the software, other employees may want to have business card management software.

When implementing, it is necessary not only to pay for the cost but also to educate your employees to operate without trouble. Make sure to check the opinions of other employees beforehand to avoid any problems.

Items to check with business card management software

Finally, let us take a look at what you need to check when implementing a tool. Many companies offer dedicated services, each with different functions and prices.

Some software may be suitable for different companies, while others may be unsuitable. 

It is necessary to understand what you need to check before purchasing to avoid regret after the implementation.

Ease of use

One of the necessary points is the ease of use. Even with many features, it is hard to get the most out of the software if it is hard to use.

To efficiently handle sales operations, the ease of use of the software is an important decision.

The criteria for ease of use include:

  • Is it easy to import business cards?
  • Is it easy to operate?
  • Does it support multiple devices?
  • Is it easy to operate?

Some services offer a free trial, so you can try the software for free before you buy it.

Does it have full functions?

You should also pay attention to whether the software has a lot of functions. If the usage fee is low, but the software does not have many features, you cannot expect to improve your sales efficiency. However, if the usage fee is high, but the software has many features, you can expect more efficiency than the usage fee.

In addition to essential functions, the full range of functions includes.

  • Can integrate with other software
  • No scanner required
  • Multi-language support

Various checkpoints are depending on the situation.

If you think about what functions you need for your business card management, you can choose the right software more smoothly.


Functionality and ease of use are also necessary, but you can not overlook fees. There is a big difference in usage fees depending on the software, so it is better to check in advance.

The breakdown of the main fees is as follows:

  • Initial fee
  • Monthly fee

Ideally, the fees should be as low as possible. However, if the usage fee is low, the disadvantages may become large, such as poor customer support or lack of available functions.

I think it is necessary to consider the balance between functionality and ease of use.


I have introduced the features of business card management software and what to check before implementation. If you implement a dedicated tool, business card management, which used to take a lot of time and effort, will become much better.

As explained in the Functions of Management Software section, business card management software can work more efficiently by linking with other tools, such as SFA.

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