Improve Customer Satisfaction with CRM

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction by Implementing CRM In today’s society, where similar products and services are being created one after another, we will be involved in price competition. Ultimately, it is expected to be a war of attrition and change to a market where only financially funded companies can survive. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) … Read more

SFA Functions that Improve Sales Efficiency

5 Main SFA Functions that Dramatically Improve Sales Efficiency “I’m thinking of implementing a sales force automation (SFA) system to improve my sales performance, but I want to know what functions SFA has first.” Do you not know what functions SFA has and are wondering whether you should implement it or not? There seem to … Read more

What is Customer Loyalty? Definition and How to Improve it

What is Customer Loyalty? Meaning, Importance and Tips on How to Improve it Customer loyalty has been frequently discussed in the media and on the Internet and is now indispensable in marketing strategy. However, knowing only an overview is not enough to make effective use of it.  So in this article, I will introduce useful … Read more

SFA Tool: Why do We Need to Implement SFA?

More and more companies are considering implementing SFA due to the reform of work styles and IT. So, can you explain what SFA is all about? This article explains in detail about SFA, from the basics such as what SFA is to the advantages and disadvantages of implementing SFA tools, the process of implementation and … Read more

What is SFA? Advantages of SFA Implementation

Basic knowledge, differences from CRM, and advantages of implementation SFA is an abbreviation of Sales Force Automation, which means sales support system.  It is said to be indispensable for improving sales efficiency, and the number of companies implementing it is increasing every year. But the benefits of implementing it and how to implement it are still not … Read more

Why is CRM so Important?

Why do You Need CRM? Customer information is a valuable asset for a company. If you can manage it properly, you can expand the performance of your business. Do you know that there is a customer information management system called CRM and that implementing a CRM can bring a lot of benefits to your company?  … Read more