CRM Marketing: Introduction and Activity Process

What is CRM Marketing? Companies need to focus on building relationships with their customers to improve their sales. Rather than advertising to a larger audience, it is now required to respond to individual specific needs. CRM marketing is gaining more and more attention in building relationships with customers. This article provides a detailed overview of … Read more

CRM Strategy and How to Implement

How to Implement a CRM Strategy Today, many companies need a CRM strategy. This article introduces the basics of this strategy, so refer to it. In this age of overflowing goods and services, high-quality goods and services do not always sell. In most cases, there are many similar products on the market, and they are not … Read more

Useful Functions of SFA for Sales Activities

Useful Functions of SFA and Key Points for Successful SFA Implementation This article will provide a comprehensive explanation of SFA, including how SFA is helpful in sales, typical useful functions of SFA, and key points for successful SFA implementation. More and more companies are incorporating SFA into their sales activities. If you are reading this, … Read more

10 Steps to Implement a Customer Relationship Management System

How to Implement a Successful Customer Relationship Management System Since the spread of customer management systems became full-fledged, there are many companies that have failed to implement them. In many cases, this is due to the assumption that adding a customer management system will make sales activities more efficient and not following the correct implementation … Read more

Challenges Before and After CRM Implementation

Understanding the Challenges before and after CRM Implementation to Ensure a Fail-proof CRM Implementation Customer information naturally accumulates in the course of business transactions. And if there is a need to utilize it in connection with business strategies, the first thing to consider is implementing a CRM. However, CRM has different challenges before and after … Read more

Customer Management in Excel

Problems and Improvement Key Points of Customer Management in Excel If you are using Excel to manage your customers, aren’t you starting to feel uncomfortable with it? As remote working becomes the new standard, more and more companies shift to cloud-based CRM for customer management. In this article, I will introduce the problems and solutions … Read more

Difference between CRM and SFA: Functional Differences


What are the Differences between CRM and SFA? The terms CRM and SFA are often heard, but are they not often used in similar situations? However, it is too late to ask, What is the difference? The CRM/SFA market is expanding across the board, and the market share of cloud services, in particular, is rapidly growing. In this article, … Read more

CRM for Call Centers: Advantages and How to Choose

How to Choose a Call Center CRM Call centers are having a more impact on business than ever before. Improving the User Experience (UX) that customers gain through corporate products, services, and customer support can make the difference between success and failure for a business, and call centers are an important element in determining customer … Read more

What is KPI? Meaning and How to set KPIs

How to set KPIs What are KPIs anyway? What are KPIs, and how can they be used to achieve goals? In order to ensure the survival of the company, the top management of the company presents a goal (KGI = Key Goal Indicator) to the employees at the beginning of the year, such as “ … Read more

Business Card Management Tool vs. CRM

Differences Between Customer Relationship Management System and Business Card Management Tools What is the difference between CRM and a business card management tool? CRM and business card management to manage customer information. What is the difference between the two?  From the customer management perspective, they may seem to be the same, but their functions are … Read more