Sales Management

Sales management involves managing information about products, money, and sales activities. It involves a wide range of tasks, such as signing contracts with customers and creating invoices. It is not a single operation but refers to sales-related management flows such as inventory, shipping, purchasing, order, delivery, billing, and payment collection. Some of you may be facing challenges in exchanging information across departments. 

In sales management, you will manage when, where, who, what, why, how, and how much the payment you collect. In addition to selling products, it also covers pre-production purchasing, customer data management, inventory management, and billing and payment collection. Accurate information management makes it easier to ascertain whether profits are commensurate with manufacturing costs and the profit.

Sales management involves purchasing management, order management, shipping management, billing management, and inventory management. Therefore, for each order, each business and department must work together. 

Customer information that is complicated to manage can be easily retrieved and extracted by registering the information in a sales management system. Not only can you quickly refer to customer information, but you can also reduce the amount of time spent on creating documents and forms. When creating quotations, it is easier to determine the correct sales price by referring to past performance for repeat products. 

Also, when implementing a sales management system, choose a system that can centrally manage data. Since information between departments can be grasped in real-time, it is possible to grasp the process progress of each order case, as well as forecast production and delivery dates. Since it is easy to check the status of orders and payments, the person in charge can grasp company-wide information and make quick decisions.

It is necessary to manage the flow of goods such as materials and products; and the flow of money, such as orders and invoices. It will be easier for you to grasp your profits by creating a system that allows you to immediately check what, when, and how much you have purchased and how much you have sold. Let's work on sales management so that you can correctly understand your current situation and improve our business.