Percent off Calculator

Percentage off price calculator

This percent off calculator will help you find the final price and amount saved from the original price and percentage discount.

To calculate the final price using this calculator, enter the original selling price, the percentage off and click the "Calculate" button.

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Calculate final price without using a percent off calculator

You can calculate the final price and discount amount without using a calculator with the formulas below:

The formula to calculate the sale price is as follows:

Final Price = Original Price * (1 - Percent off/100)


The original price is 120, and the percent off is 10%.

The final price can be calculated as follows:

Final price = 120 * (1 - 10/100) = 108

And the saved amount can be calculated using the following formula:

Saved Amount = Original Price * Percent off/100

Saved Amount = 120 * 10/100 = 12


Saved Amount = Original Price - Final Price = 120 - 108 = 12